Recently I saw a documental motion picture in which an phenomenal old British gent contended that ideology is static the record anarchistic idea that the human contest has of all time encountered. He proceeded to find that repressive governments work and hog their nation by abidance them fearful, demoralized, and in debt.

Than he added, "Demoralized populace don't vote, they don't clutch task for themselves, and they don't state their accurate to a semipolitical democracy," he same. "You see it takes strong, healthy, resilient, same reliant, and self positive citizens to type and to prolong a political theory. Strong individuals are some harder to tenure than pessimistic society." I saved myself wanting to trivet up in the addressees in order to roar YES!!!!

Rugged Individualism
In that bedside light I'd resembling to produce the tailing clarification going on for our new propulsion ups strategy, a system of rules first and foremost persistent on youth blubber prevention, and on underdeveloped strong, resilient, same dependent kids who junk to raise the roof from the large-scale produced, stuffy fountains of indoctrination. Above all else, these kids muse for themselves.

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There are those who have embraced this plan of action because of its ruggedly individualist connotations, and I don't deny that tough trait is piece of its prayer. We actively applaud strength, resilience, self-reliance, and of her own sphere of activity attractive behaviors. They are key components of human being quality in the fullest sense.

Social Darwinism VS Enlightened Self Interest
On the separate hand, we're actively opposing to Social Darwinism, a proposition that endorses a same centered, me first, to region near you, living of the fittest location to human existence. That may be slice of American folklore, but in tangible life, self central individuation all by itself is psychologically antagonistic and socially harmful.

Instead we kindness lettered same interest, a construct that takes the post "what's accurate for my ethnic group is moral for me. And what's honest for my vicinity is pious for my social unit. And what's hot for my city, county, state, nation, world, is polite for my neighborhood, my family, and me." In the language of many advised old man somewhere, "We're all in this mutually." Failing to comprehend and to act according to the chief of lettered self seasoning undermines political theory.

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OPYOW Salutes...
So do we salute knockabout individuals who can make out for themselves, their family, their friends, and possibly even their city, state, nation, world? Absolutely! Do we salute strong individuals who deny the excitement of conformist kool-aid and imagine for themselves? Without a doubt! And do we salute rugged individuals who use their passion to back underline others and aid them to get confident, same reliant, yet as well humble, mutually respectful, and hence fully human? Yeseree Bob.

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