I essential have been going on for 16 or 17. I was a guitar nut by past. I couldn't frisk much, but I was a fan; a big fan of guitars. Any music on TV was thinly screened to see if any serious stringed instrument players were caught up. I was into natural object music, but I had ample command of the kind to cognise that utmost of the substance I favourite to listen in to had evolved from the folk song.

One of the pre-requisites of my blues activity was a behind schedule dark system of rules in the UK, titled the Old Grey Whistle Test, I am embarrassed to say that tho' record of the music (I now cognize) was great, I reversed my feeler up at supreme of it. I could righteous something like stand a upright or piano, but brass instruments were supreme conspicuously for pansies. You couldn't get much separate from batter and heave than a trumpet or a trombone!

I digress.

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One night, I saw that the OGWT schedule had human titled Freddie King on. I had heard of him, because I had detected of most folks. I may have barely scraped finished my established education, but at my Rock n Roll studies, I was markedly an A order student.

So, Freddie King was on offer, and I cloth I had to make a contribution the man an transmission. So I attuned in. A big man our Freddie. He was introduced, and after a short-lived pause, started change of state with an instrumental amount titled Boogie Funk.

I was awe stricken.

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I admired it. This guy was thing other.

Over the months (and geezerhood) that followed, I searched both record sales outlet I knew for Freddie King albums, desire out this tune; Boogie Funk. And could I brainstorm it? No. I bought several albums of Freddie's, and was always unsuccessful because it was not on any of them. I deliberation I had misheard the name of the track, so I looked for thing that may well have been that track, and was ever frustrated. Freddie King, sadly, became a consternation.

Roll progressive done 30 time of life.

Freddie King is no long next to us. He died a few shortened time of life after the TV show I saw. But I have ne'er unnoticed that one lonesome reading.

I was in a auditory communication storeroom in Bristol (near where on earth I live), superficial for a Christmas donation for my married person. This is a bit of a royal for me now. I go and heroic the crowds at the Mall, superficial for something for my, wife, and end up in a music reservoir. It happens all period of time. As condition would have it, I had found thing for my improved half, and was merely looking at the shelves to see if here was thing from my youth, once I came upon the DVD unit. I same the DVD's more than the CD's to be true. Live performances of artists bimestrial nowhere to be found to me are one of the shining lights of the existing age.

So I was browsing through with the DVD's and what did I see? Yes, you've guessed, several compendium of the OGWT. I wasn't even thinking of Freddie King, but on one of the DVD's, nearby was Freddie, listed in the list for, yes, Boogie Funk. I well-nigh wet myself. Do you ever get moments of uncorrupted delight and anticipation? I did in the hair salon. Needless to say, I bought the DVD, and rushed residence.

Freddie King's manners was near exactly how I remembered it. The pleasure was the same, the animation was the aforesaid. I had discovered a windowpane to my adolescence. Freddie vie a Gibson ES 335 stringed instrument (I believe) and vie a polar folk ballad jazz. Just for me.

Freddie, I am ashamed that I mislaid you for all those old age. You were lost, but ne'er forgotten. And now you are back, I am yours once again for ever; a fan again!

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