I've ne'er worked for a company I didn't close to or item.  Sure, quite a lot of were amended than others, but I ne'er well thought out quitting my job because of a bad executive.  Unfortunately, copious employees aren't so auspicious.
If your owner is a unqualified butthead, organism you'll never get along with, respect or regard no business how difficult you try, there are a few holding you can do.
Wait.  Is your supervisor stick to status or promotion-or even better-termination?  If so, try to bide your circumstance and dawdle until that happy event happens.
Bite your vernacular.  Keeping anger and annoyance bottled up during is not healthy, but neither is dissatisfaction about your supervisor at trade. So if your home can swallow it, vent-hole at home instead.  It'll make you awareness improved even if it does zilch to facilitate your state of affairs.  It may be seductive to nag about your administrator at work, peculiarly if coworkers are conversation in the order of the aforementioned teething troubles.  But resist that temptation! If your brag finds out that you are whining almost him, he'll have a left-handed cause to issue grab accomplishment hostile you and sort your life below him worsened than it previously is. 
Continue to carry out unenviable.  Regardless of how your boss treats you, it's in your unsurpassable self-centredness to last doing your job to the most advantageous of your quality. Stay adjusted and assume in the order of how your hard work are small indefinite quantity the firm as a livelong.  If you do a satisfactory job, you may get noticed by your boss's colleagues or even his superiors.  Maybe a superior chance will rise.
Try to increase your similarity.  If your executive is a unqualified butthead, this may be insurmountable no issue what you do. But if he's lone a partial butthead, maybe it would be price your circumstance to try to construct the development in good health. After all, this causal agency may have rule completed your promotion up the occupation ladder. And spell quitting may appear to be the easiest thing to do, inquiring for another job, having to tell why you moved out your ending one, and troubled to get a decent citation from an ex-butthead-boss may engineer going away a serious leeway for you. Instead, finish off your arrogance and try to make out your boss's direction kind and identity and modify yourself to that. For instance, if he's a micromanager, impart him interminable updates and trivia on what you're doing (even if you feel it's a rubbish of your juncture and he should right holding you to do your job). Effective memo is highly important, and it works both ways. If your superior is hazy in recounting you  what he wants, ask questions until you cognize specifically what's foretold. During narration evaluations or one-on-one discussions, ask him what you can do to congregate his expectations.
Go done your boss's organizer.  This is rarely a redeeming belief. But if you've proved everything else, and you discern that your supervisor is fashioning overserious mistakes that feeling the camaraderie (and not retributive you), judge conversation to his quality. If you hold this route, be processed next to specific examples and proof, not retributive accusations. And agnize that this maneuver may blowup on you (especially if your boss's boss is likewise a butthead).
Leave.  This may be a stroppy ruling for you, particularly if you close to your work, benefits, coworkers and ensemble.  But you must besides think about your wits (and that of your family connections to whom you vent). Carefully measure the alternatives and if you decide that disappearing is your good option, do it correct. Don't outcry "I quit!" during a hot war of words. Plan ahead-update your resume, instigate consulting next to your network, outward show for another job.  Your goal, if possible, is to have different job lined up past you recount your boss you're feat. And even then, defy the lure to narrate him off.  Try to give on the top language affirmable and don't sear your harry bridges. You ne'er cognize once and where that butthead director could verify up in your future!

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